Barbecue Cut Identification

Briskets Cooking

Briskets Cooking

Although most meat cuts could be prepared as a barbecue product, there are a number of meat products commonly considered for barbecue techniques.  Many of them might be less desirable if prepared by other cooking methods.  Below are links to photographs and descriptions of some of the meat cuts most often used for barbecue.  The numbers in front of the cut name are the USDA Institutional Meat Purchase Specification (IMPS) number for that particular cut.


120 Beef Brisket, Deckle Off, Boneless

123A Beef Short Ribs

124 Beef Rib, Back Ribs

130 Chuck Short Ribs

Compare 123A to 124 to 130 beef ribs


406 Pork Shoulder, Boston Butt, Bone In

416C Pork Spareribs, Breast Bone Off

416A Pork Spareribs, St. Louis Style

422 Pork Loin Back Ribs

Compare 416A to 416C pork spareribs

Pork Country Style Ribs


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